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Data integration

Most companies use several information systems - for accounting, order management, CRM, production, maintenance, planning or time reporting. We will help you combine data from different systems to provide a comprehensive picture of how the company performs. You can find interesting information that will help you discover new opportunities or risks and use them to improve the performance of the company.



Building a data lake

We’ll start by uploading all your relevant your data in one place - to the data lake. We will document the data so that it is intelligible to users and make it available for analysis using SQL, Excel or other tools. The development of the data lake is very fast, offers high flexibility and is sufficient for many reports and analysis. We will also advise you on the selection of suitable technologies (relational database / Hadoop). Ask for info.



Building a data warehouse

We will upload subset of the data lake, useful for regular analysis and reporting, to the data warehouse (DWH) and transform it into a structure understandable to users. We will set up the data  historization and data quality management. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable DWH platform, design a data model, create loading procedures and set up the entire data management process. Ask for info.



Development of ETL procedures

Loading data into the data lakes and data warehouse is implemented using ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) procedures. They transform data into an understandable form, transfer it to the final destination, or alternatively historise, clean and optimise it. We'll be glad to advise you which technology to use, provide our ETL framework, and help you with the development. Ask for info.