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Agile BI implementation

In addition to the waterfall implementation of data warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions, we use agile development methodologies. The agile projects are implemented in 2-3 weekly sprints, each of which delivers real business value to users. This enables the project to dynamically react to changes and alter the scope operatively in order to create a solution with maximum benefit and return on investment.


User stories

Agile projects begin with an intensive 1-2 day workshop for all participants. It defines the basic parameters of the project and creates a backlog of user stories described in the format as, who, what and why, needs. The backlog can be changed dynamically by the "product owner" during the project. Before each sprint, the development team selects stories to implement and then delivers the results. Ask for info.




Each iteration - sprint - consists of phases of a user conference, where the scope of the sprint is defined, planning, where more detailed tasks are set up, implementation, presentation of the finished output to the product owner and retrospective, where the team evaluates the passed iteration. Other sprints follow until the product owner is satisfied with the result. Ask for info.


Other techniques
Další techniky

Each day of implementation begins with a 10-minute coordination stand-up meeting to review the tasks. Tasks are registered in the form of tickets on the project board, which the team always keeps an eye on. Agile projects pay attention to the automation of all routine activities, efficient documentation, maximum simplicity and high added value for end users. Ask for info.