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What we do

Making data available for analysis and reporting
Zpřístupnění dat

Manually collecting data from multiple information systems is difficult and laborious. We will help you load data from accounting, CRM, production and operational systems, websites, cloud services and other ssources to one place and combine it with external data. You then simply get them into Excel or any analytical tools and find the information you need to run your business effectively. More info.


Visualisation of important informationReporting a analýza

Well-designed dashboards and reports help business users discover new opportunities or impending problems at a glance. We will help you deploy reporting and analytical tools or automate the loading of data into Excel. We will also help you to properly design dashboards and reports, create a basic set of reports and create an environment in which you can easily create new reports yourself. More info.


Agile development
Agilní vývoj

We perform data integration, implementation of reports and planning tools using agile methodologies. We develop solutions at 1-3 weekly intervals delivering real business value, fast. Users constantly see the results, can respond to them and modify the scope for maximum business benefit. This minimizes the risk of project failure and helps to achieve a high return on investment. More info.