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Power BI

Thanks to its price and simplicity, Power BI is an increasingly popular cloud tool for reporting and data analysis. In its free version, it enables efficient analysis and visualisation of data, which the commercial version (stand-alone or as a part of the higher versions of Microsoft Office 365) expands with the possibility of sharing outputs. If you want to start working with data quickly and cheaply, Power BI is a clear choice.

Reporting and data analysis in Power BI

Power BI contains predefined connectors to a wide range of data sources - from classic relational databases, OLAP, Excel to cloud information systems or public web sources. It enables a development of reports and dashboards with several different types of access to data, from direct connection to the database, import of data from different systems into the cloud and their interconnection, or a combination of both approaches. Ask for info.

Main features

  • spojení dat z různých zdrojůCloud service with a number of ready-made connectors to data sources.
  • Possibility of simple interconnection of data from different systems.
  • Maximum intuitive environment for development.
  • Sharing reports and dashboards on PC and mobile devices.
  • Costs less than 10 Euro per user per month.

Power BI implementation

We will help you design the best way to integrate Power BI into your IT environment, develop the first reports and dashboards, set up security and teach you how to further develop your Business Intelligence environment yourself. Ask for info.

Our services

  • Cognos ReportingSet up a Power BI connection to your data sources.
  • Security configuration.
  • Developing data models, loading and interconnecting data.
  • Professional development of reports and dashboards.
  • Training, consulting and advice on your work with Power BI.