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Our references

We combine IT experience with knowledge from finance, production, telecommunications and retail. We can thus put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and together solve the challenges they face. Our approach is based on communication and cooperation. We implement projects in small steps, which we consult with our client as often as possible.



Implementation of reporting

Implementation of SAP Business Objects reporting platform. Development of reports on plan fulfillment, production and profitability. Support and further development of the solution.



Mobile BI implementation

Loading data for distribution network performance management and implementation of dashboards and reports on IBM Cognos platform. Distribution of reports for the board on mobile devices (Apple iPad).

Česká spořitelna

Data integration and reporting

Data integration and optimization for reporting. Development of reports and dashboards on IBM Cognos platform. Support for reporting and add-on applications. Providing related training.



Real-time dashboards implementation

Data integration and their optimization for reporting. Implementation of SAP Business Objects platform. Development of reports and real-time dashboards for visualization of operational information on plasma screens.


Agile data warehouse implementation

Data integration from operating systems into a data warehouse on the Microsoft SQL Server platform to ensure monthly reporting of the parent company. Providing related  trainings.


Raiffesisen bank

Data integration and reporting

Data integration from various source systems. Implementation of reports on the IBM Cognos platform. Data reconciliation.


Reporting platform support

Support for a reporting solution on IBM Cognos platform.


Reporting implementation

Requirements analysis and cooperation in the design of data warehouse and BI solutions. Implementation, development and support of Business Intelligence IBM Cognos platform.