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Looking for a job?

Join us and help companies navigate the sea of data!

We are looking for enthusiastic new consultants for our dolphin team. In 10 years of sailing, our flock has grown to nearly 50 members. From the beginning, we strive to bring elements of agile development into data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions, so we can maximize their flexibility and user satisfaction. We have worked not only for usual BI clients as banks, pharmaceutical, energy and manufacturing companies, but also for companies as the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant. There is a rich supply of interesting projects in our sea, so if you are up for new data challenges and want to take your analytical skills to the next level, while looking for support, a friendly team and lots of fun at joint events, then our dolphin flock can become close to your heart.

The right dolphin should have courage, analytical skills, perseverance, openness, imagination, empathy, enthusiasm, assertiveness and a huge desire to develop. But most of all, we would like you to fit in with us.

So, what is important for that?

The dophin's nine commandments


Pull together

In the team, we rely on you and trust you to fulfil the assigned tasks. It doesn't matter if you're sometimes lost, the rest of the team will be happy to help you in any form. We believe that every problem has a solution and no-one’s born clever. But you have to speak up

Blue or pink, we are all dolphins…

We want you to fit into our team also from a human point of view. Of course, we are all made out of a different dough, but together we complement, tolerate and get to know each other at many joint events - laser games, paintball, archery, escape games, board games, etc., both for work and outside of work. We are happy to get to know you as well, so it's nice to take part in these events and not avoid them. You have to be prepared for a little bit of black humour, dolphins like to take the mickey out of themselves and others. However, they respect defined boundaries.

There is never enough initiative

As dolphins, we are constantly learning, even if we are not assigned to a project, we just want to grow and develop personally. You have to be able to speak up and not be afraid to remind us that you are here, to know your goals and to go after them. Communicate and look for opportunities for improvement and trust us that good ideas never end up in a drawer.

Dolphins love complicated tasks

The creative dolphin follows the first part of the motto "Who wants something is looking for ways, who does not want anything is looking for excuses". The set phrase "it’s not possible" shouldn't exist for you. Instead, we are always looking for new ways and technologies that would help us and our clients solve the task. At the same time, however, you must be able to say that the given task does not make sense, and come up with something completely unexpected.

Have you ever tried to speak underwater?

That it's not possible? On the contrary! Your Dolphin whistling should help drowning clients find their bearings. In fact, in addition to your flock, you will also communicate with customers in various positions, some more, some less, depending on the role you will be in. You have to be able to connect IT with the business and talk to the IT guy here, and with the financial director there.

A little hard work never hurt anyone.

Here and there you will need to pitch in. Whether it is about a project or help in the office with the installation of a dishwasher, TV or similar activities. The principle of equality applies to us. No one makes coffee for anyone, and it is quite common for you to meet your boss in the kitchen in the morning, as he takes out and cleans the dishes.

The dolphin just doesn't make waves

So sometimes there's less work, sometimes deadlines are burning. If the project requires a higher commitment, you will be compensated for this by time off, financially or otherwise according to the agreement. We don't want to scrape the scales off anyone, because he wouldn't swim far with us.

We can swim in the pond and in the ocean

You really can't do without English, communication in this language can meet you on any project. That's why our team has its own lecturer and it's nice to set aside a few hours a week for him. We love mentoring, if you have knowledge and experience that we lack, we will be grateful listeners.

We feel belonging

As a dolphin, you participate in the growth of the company and you care about its future. You can take part in job interviews and help us find other skilled people who would fit in with us.

TomášI look forward to seeing you!

Tomaš Kasl
Head of Technology Division
+420 608 023 457