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How we can help

Running a business without information is like sailing a boat without a GPS or a compass. You may find the right path and not hit a cliff, but better equipped boats will discover new continents long before you even reach the shore. Having quality data about your company’s operations will allow you to effectively manage finances, maximize sales, streamline marketing and production, optimize inventory & other business processes.


Easier controlling

ControllingWe’ll automate the routine collection and editing of data, regular reports and presentations, manual calculations and cost allocation, or the consolidation of plans in Excel. You can use the saved time for more important things - analysing financial results, optimising cash flow, drafting allocation models.. or just taking a break.


ObchodIncreased sales

Having a regular overview of activities of individual sales people, open and closed cases, meeting deadlines, pipeline, quota fulfillment, current bonuses - these are the tools of a successful sales manager. We will help you keep your sales network firmly under control and motivate sales staff to achieve maximum results.


Successful marketing
Efektivní marketing

Effective marketing is an increasing challenge that can determine the success of a company. Personalizing advertising under the pressure to reduce costs and increase returns is tricky. We'll help you obtain detailed information about the behaviour of potential clients and the utilization of existing campaigns by sales staff.


VyrobaEfficient production

Manufacturing companies implement methods such as Lean, Six Sigma or Kaizen to reach their full potential and eliminate inefficiencies that have a negative impact on margins and profits. From the data generated by production you can obtain valuable information to maximize efficiency and gain an important competitive advantage.

High performance IT


Funny enough, IT management often uses information obtained from data less than other departments. IT users blame the low flexibility of Business Intelligence solutions leading them to find their own ways and "bypass" IT. With the right approach and techniques, you can give users all information they need and work together to improve the company performance.