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Business Intelligence quickly and flexibly

Do you know which contracts earned you money and which ones did just cost you? Which products are profitable? Which employees work hard and who's just riding along? What is the return on marketing activities? Our Business Intelligence solution will provide you with accurate answers on a daily basis. Thanks to agile approach, you will get results in weeks and at a reasonable cost.

Did you really study to manually enter numbers into Excel? Consolidation of plans, cost allocation, profitability reporting, cost tracking, monitoring of KPIs, and other routine activities can all be done by computers. You will then have time for what is really important – financial management of the company. More info.

Having a daily overview of the activities of individual salespeople, leads, open and closed deals, meeting deadlines, pipeline volumes, quota fulfillment, current bonuses - all this belongs to the toolbox of a successful sales manager. We will help you keep the sales network firmly under control and motivate sales staff to achieve maximum results. More info.

For effective organization of marketing campaigns, it is necessary to have detailed information about the behavior of your customers - past and current orders, contacts, preferences, social network activities, economic situation. We will help you centralize, sort, analyze and segment all this information. More info.

The manufacturing market is oversaturated and it is increasingly difficult to win new orders. An easier way to higher profits is to maximize efficiency. By combining data from operational, economic and HR systems, PLCs, sensors and other sources, you will get important information that reveals shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. More info.

Agile implementation

We implement our planning, data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions using agile methodologies at 1-3 weekly intervals, quickly delivering outputs with real business value. This ensures maximum benefit for users, quick response to changes in the scope, and a minimized risk of project failure.

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Report Portal in Power BI

Interesting and practical functionalities can be achieved in Power BI. An example of this is the signpost, which allows practical and above all clear access to reports.

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